The Battles Continue.  The Stakes Have Never Been Greater.  

For Over 30 Years, AFTA™ Has Supported Your Businesses and Advocated On Behalf of Parallel Traders and Wholesalers in the Alternate Source Marketplace.    

Through 4 Major Supreme Court Cases and Thousands of Pages of Legislation and Proposed Rulemaking, AFTA™ Has Been Your Voice.   

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  • Do You Purchase Products From Suppliers You Have Promised to Keep Confidential?
  • Do You Sell Products in Packaging that Discloses Quantity in Grams instead of Ounces?
  • Do You Sell Products with Instructions in English and Spanish instead of English Only?
  • Is CBP or FDA Asking For Information About Products that Only the Original Manufacturer Could Possibly Know?
  • Are Your Shipments Being Routinely Stopped, Detained and Inspected by CBP, Causing You To Lose Money, Reputation and Customers?

Here is Just Some of What AFTA™ Has Done, and Continues To Do, For You

 Submitted Briefs to the Supreme Court In Kmart v. Cartier, Quality King V. L’Anza, Omega v. Costco and Kirtsaeng v. Wiley.
 Preserved and Enhanced the First Sale Protections Existing in U.S. Copyright and Trademark Law.
 Trained CBP Officials Throughout the Country To Help Them Distinguish Between Counterfeit and Genuine Parallel Goods.
 Fought Against Criminalization of Decoding.
 Exempted Repackaging Goods from the Definition of Trafficking in Counterfeit Goods.
 Implemented Regulations Authorizing CBP to Work with Importers First To Verify Product Authenticity Before Contacting Brand Owners.
 Presented Workshop to Congressional Staffers on Issues Important to Your Business.
 Supports Anti-Counterfeiting Tools and Enforcement Measures.
 Routinely Meets with CBP and FDA Officials to Preserve Trade Secrets and The Ability to Enter Genuine Goods Without the Permission of the Rights Holder
 Builds and Maintains Relationships with Legislators and Regulators.
 Works Together with Coalitions and Consumer Groups to Protect Your Right to Resell.
 Monitors Legislative and Judicial Developments and Trends.
 Conducts Outreach and Grass Roots Campaigns.
 Creates Legislative Solutions to Counter Ambiguous Court Decisions.
 Developing a Known Importer Program for Parallel Traders.
 Distributes Information to Educate and Alert Industry Members to Imminent Threats and Policy Making.

For more information about AFTA™, to make a contribution or to become a member, please contact AFTA™ directly at