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  • American consumers have the right to a variety of product, sourcing and purchasing options, including different price points and an array of post sale warranty and customer servicing options.
  • The health and safety of any consumer must not be threatened by counterfeit goods, product tampering or inferior business practices.
  • Brand owners, product manufacturers and electronic commerce platforms have the right to be profitable but must not have the ability to monopolistically control downstream product distribution
  • Best business practices should be implemented to ensure compliance with U.S. laws and regulations
  • Effective enforcement of intellectual property rights does not necessitate expanding those rights to restrict product availability
  • First sale protections must be respected to freely permit sale and resale of lawfully owned, branded and copyrighted merchandise
  • The advantages and benefits of a global marketplace can only be realized by fair, transparent and balanced trade practices and policies.
  • Working together with policy makers, legislators and brand owners to better protect the interests of small businesses and American consumers is critical for a thriving, successful and innovative domestic marketplace.

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