Response to Notice of IP violation alleging goods sold on pre-existing product pages are not authentic, providing receipts from authorized distributor/retailer

Complaint #


 Dear               :

We are an Amazon retailer and our store name is ____________________.  We recently received a Notice of Violation of IPR in connection with the above referenced ASINs.

I can assure you that we intended no harm or injury to your brand and all of the products sold  by this Company are authentic items purchased directly from an authorized retailer/distributor.  I have attached invoices to this letter verifying such purchases.  All of our products are sold in the identical condition as supplied by your authorized distributor, NAME OF SOURCE, and, in light of the direct relationship between you and NAME OF SOURCE, as originally manufactured by or under your authority.

This Company is a Legitimate Third Party Seller committed to protecting the integrity of its products and pre-existing intellectual property rights.  However, because of Amazon’s policy requiring us to sell our genuine, branded goods on pre-existing Product Pages created by 3rd parties with whom we have no relationship or knowledge whatsoever (see, we are unable to determine whether any of the other products sold via the same listing are, in fact, authentic or are otherwise being lawfully resold.

As noted, this Company purchases its products from known authorized distributors and has always acted in a manner mitigating any likelihood that its products are anything other than authentic and genuine. While we appreciate the expediency of automatic removal of entire listings found to be promoting questionable merchandise  without regard to which of the several Sellers may in fact be guilty of an such violation, the erroneous Complaint lodged against us has caused substantive injury and harm for which we may have no alternative but to pursue proper recourse.

We trust you will agree that the absence of any evidence illustrating that our particular Company has engaged in anything other than lawful commerce, merits immediate retraction of your Complaint against us in order to mitigate any continued damage to our business and its reputation.  Upon receipt of this letter, we respectfully request that  you notify Amazon via email to that you are retracting your Complaint.

If you require any further information or wish to discuss this matter further, please feel free to contact the undersigned directly.