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We are in receipt of a Notice from Amazon indicating that you have lodged a Complaint against this Company alleging we have violated your intellectual property rights by selling counterfeit products from our Amazon store.  Respectfully, we request that you work with us to notify Amazon that this Complaint should promptly be retracted because our Company does not and would not sell any counterfeit or other product similarly jeopardizing the health of safety of our customers.

While we share your commitment to prevent sales or distribution of counterfeit or otherwise harmful merchandise, we trust you similarly share our commitment to provide American consumers with a fair and competitive marketplace, which can only occur by providing an array of product, pricing and purchasing options .  We own and have all title in/to the products at issue, which are those originally manufactured by or under authority of the U.S. rights holder, and the U.S. Supreme Court has upheld the protections afforded to resellers of genuine goods under Doctrines of First Sale.  Moreover, branded products manufactured by or under authority of the U.S. trademark owner are not counterfeit.

Our Company has imposed quality control processes to ensure that the products we sell are in all respects genuine and in the same condition as originally provided to our supplier from the manufacturer itself.   No violation of intellectual property rights has occurred and we respectfully ask that you advise Amazon by email to that the referenced Complaint has been rejected in order to minimize ongoing injury to my account and business.