On Seller’s Letterhead

Response to allegation of counterfeit goods


Complaint  No.: ________________

Good afternoon:

We are contacting you regarding the above referenced Complaint, which accuses our inventory of being counterfeit.

Attached you will find documentation, showing that our inventory was purchased from a legitimate location and is not counterfeit. We have provided the full purchase receipt, and a close-up photograph of  the item in question for your convenience.

We have taken appropriate action and added additional steps to ensure this type of situation will not occur in the future.  Additionally, the noted ASINs have been removed from our account, and inventory is being recalled as it is available.  We would very much appreciate your contacting notice-dispute@amazon.com to retract your Complaint at your very earliest convenience.  If you would like further information or if we can be of any further help in your efforts to stop distribution of counterfeit merchandise, please feel free to contact the undersigned directly at any time.

Thank you,