Dear                     :

This letter is a formal response to a claim of rights infringement against material that I uploaded to Amazon. Please consider it as a DMCA counter notification as defined in 17 USC 512(g)(3).

I believe the claims of rights infringement are inaccurate and should be rejected for the following reasons: I either own all rights in the material posted or I have acquired permission from the rights holder. Further, I do not believe that the complainant has provided any credible claim of rights. All of my attempts to reach the complainant have been futile. In summary, any allegations of rights violation are unsupported.

I declare under penalty of perjury that I have a good faith belief that the complaint of rights infringement is either based on mistaken information or is an intentional misuse of the law (and violation of the Amazon Participation Agreement).
I ask that Amazon restore the material in dispute unless the complainant files suit against me within ten (10) days, pursuant to 17 USC 512(g)(2)(b). I further consent to the jurisdiction of federal district court for the judicial district in which I reside. I agree to accept service of process from the complainant.