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The American Free Trade Association (AFTA™) is a national trade association advocating for a fair and competitive marketplace on behalf of American small businesses and consumers.

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For over 30 years, the American Free Trade Association has championed the rights of distributors, wholesalers, importers, exporters, sellers and resellers committed to protecting American consumers against unfair and monopolistic business practices.


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We fight to eliminate all barriers which restrict and control access to brand name merchandise

AFTA™  members are primarily small business owners committed to providing American consumers with an array of competitively-priced, brand name merchandise.

AFTA™  is the oldest and most successful national trade association in the United States providing a voice for consumers and businesses depending upon a vibrant and thriving marketplace, offering a wide variety of product, purchasing, shipping, sourcing, pricing and even post-sale servicing options.

AFTA™  members provide consumers with consumer products manufactured by or under the authority of the U.S. rights holder and implement business practices to combat distribution or sale of counterfeit, infringing or unsafe products.

Sourcing genuine, brand name merchandise from around the globe ensures lower prices, greater product varieties and more purchasing options for American consumers.



Every recent congressional session has seriously considered “anti-counterfeiting” legislation which unintentionally – or intentionally – includes provisions broad enough to restrict, if not totally eliminate, parallel market trade.  For more information on this year’s pending bills and related legislative activity, please review information in…

CBP Disclosure

Manufacturers and the Administration are recommending that CBP provide product samples and transactional information to rights holders prior to seizure (based upon  a suspicion of a CBP inspector at a port of entry that goods might be counterfeit)  to verify product authenticity.  These samples may include Tracking or Distribution Codes which would disclose proprietary supply chain and sourcing data.

Manifest Confidentiality

Federal law permits shippers to request confidential treatment of certain information appearing in CBP shipping manifests in order to protect the confidentiality of proprietary information germane to business transactions which has measurable competitive value.  The law also limits the disclosure of merchandise information to a “general description”. Because of tight budgets, ineffective systems and technical difficulties, inappropriate disclosures occur allowing release of specific and detailed product names and of shipper and consignee identities.

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