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The Issues

1. Internet Sellers are losing sales and suffering reputational harm because Competitors and Rights Holders:
Make unfounded allegations of Intellectual Property Violations to compel selling platforms such as Amazon and eBay to remove lawful sellers from their platforms and
Elect not to honor warranties on the products they have manufactured or authorized others to manufacture on their behalf in order to make Trademark Infringement claims.

2. Selling platforms are implementing programs permitting Brand Owners to control product distribution from factory to shopping cart, effectively circumventing the First Sale Doctrine and other legal protections afforded to legitimate third party product resellers

What AFTA Can Do For You

Work with Amazon and other platforms to streamline processes and make those policies more transparent to better enable continued sales and compliance by valuable third party sellers

Educate Legislators and Policy Makers about the unique challenges being faced by Internet Sellers in the wake of efforts to better protect against counterfeiters and illicit traders

Work with legislators to craft legislation to eliminate infringement claims against Internet Sellers who offer genuine branded products with post-sale warranty and servicing options other than those offered directly by the rights owner or manufacturer itself.

Carefully monitor and ensure that programs adopted by selling platforms to protect against distribution of counterfeit products do not discriminate against Internet Sellers in violation of Antitrust, Unfair Competition and First Sale protections provided to under existing U.S laws and regulations.

What You Can Do To Help

Encourage colleagues, customers, suppliers, peers and associates to become Members of AFTA’s Internet Sellers FB Working Group

Become a Member of AFTA’s Internet Sellers Executive Committee to help develop ongoing strategies, programs, budgets and industry outreach

Help fund this industry wide campaign by making an immediate, minimum contribution of $250

Actively participate in Member initiatives, campaigns and grassroots industry outreach

Contribute Now!

While contributions or gifts to AFTA are not tax deductible charitable contributions for Federal income tax purposes, they may be tax deductible under other provisions of the Internal Revenue Code as ordinary and necessary business expenses.

About The American Free Trade Association(AFTA)

The nation’s oldest trade association working on behalf of wholesalers, 3rd party importers, product resellers.

Successfully defended the right of U.S. consumers to a competitive domestic marketplace through 3 major Supreme Court cases and numerous agency rulemaking exercises.

Established and maintains long-standing and valuable connections and relationships throughout Capitol Hill with legislators, agency officials and like-minded consumer groups.

Has provided testimony before the U.S. Congress, conducted webinars for legislative staffers, worked directly with federal agencies to preserve competition and prevent cartel-like control of downstream product distribution.